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Royal Subjects in Satires of the Trial of Queen Caroline

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Colour etching showing Queen Caroline and George VI holding up cards, the queen of hearts and the king of clubs respectively

This blog was written by Sileas Wood, Assistant Curator. In the collections at the Palace of Westminster the role of the monarch in Parliament is well documented through portraiture, sculpture and allegorical works largely on display in the highly decorated …

From Rochdale to Westminster: Emily Kelsall and the new Houses of Parliament

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Pencil drawing of a ventilator in Ladies Gallery Attic

This blog post was written by Dr Kathryn Rix, Assistant Editor of the House of Commons, 1832-1945 project at the History of Parliament Trust. One of the more unusual items in the Parliamentary Archives is a silver trowel, used to lay …

How does a record become an archive? Meet the IRMS

This post was written by Shona Robertson, Head of Information Records Management. We’re proud to announce that our Information & Records Management Service has been nominated for the UK Information and Records Management Society Team of the Year! Read on …

Olivia Colman, the Parliamentary Archives and Who Do You Think You Are?

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In January this year we were very happy to welcome Olivia Colman and the Who Do You Think You Are? Team to the Parliamentary Archives. They were in search of records about Olivia Colman’s ancestors and they found the information …

Representing the people before the vote: Petitions to parliament in the eighteenth century

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This post was written by Dr Philip Loft. When we think of the ‘golden age’ of parliamentary petitioning, thoughts may first turn to the nineteenth century. When slavery was abolished in the British Caribbean colonies in 1833, it followed the …

Winchester School of Art: Legislation inspires art

A guest post by Georgina Estill... I’m Georgina Estill, a third year Graphic design student at WSA. I undertook the external Parliamentary archives brief, in which we were challenged to represent the historic archival information through contemporary visual language whilst …