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On May 3rd, 1926, Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin stood before a packed House of Commons Chamber to inform his fellow Parliamentarians that the nation was now under the siege of a General Strike. After months of fear and loathing with the Trade Unions this most dreaded of outcomes had become a bitter reality.   Longer working hours, …


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Black and white etching of a man riding a horse.

April 2021 marks the 275th anniversary of the Battle of Culloden. We know the story, Bonnie Prince Charlie versus The Butcher of Cumberland, and a whole lot of folklore! Books, films, plays and endless poetry…every blade of grass has been …

Leek, Thistle, Shamrock and Rose: Symbols of the UK and the Elizabeth Tower

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Colour photograph of decorative shield on the exterior of the Palace of Westminster.

The Elizabeth Tower and the Palace of Westminster are decorated with beautiful and symbolic imagery – representing the values, history, and identity of UK Parliament. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the national plant emblems on …

When Records Began- A Plotted History of the Parliamentary Archives Firsts

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This image shows a a map like plan. The river Dee runs through the plan. Farmland features heavily. There is compass in the top right hand corner.

Parliament first began to keep and preserve its archives in 1497. The Parliamentary Archives collects significant records created by Parliament such as Acts of Parliament, as well as documents that record the activity of Parliament such as journals and Hansard. …

Haunted Glass and Hidden History – details from our photographic collections

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Promotional image showing a framed black and white photo above a sofa.

Learn more about the Parliamentary Archives photograph collection and the secrets hidden in them. This blog was written by Simon Barnes and Tim Banting, Heritage Photographers in the Parliamentary Archives The UK Parliament recently shared a photograph from our collections, …