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Snatched from the Flames: John Bellamy’s Account Book

A volume open to show burned, scorched handwritten pages

Guest blog by Dr Elizabeth Hallam Smith In June 2023 Parliament celebrates 250 years since the opening of the famous Bellamy’s Kitchen and Refreshment Rooms, which from 1773 to 1851 comprised Parliament's main catering outfit.  Here MPs, peers and their …

Pasting the Proclamation: Helen Fox and Barbara Duval

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A woman pastes a Proclamation poster onto a wall, on top of another poster titled Hackney Carriages. Another women stands nearby with a bunch more posters,.

By Mari Takayanagi, Senior Archivist The Parliamentary Archives recently acquired a wonderful new suffragette photograph! It shows suffragettes from the Women's Freedom League (WFL) pasting a Proclamation on a board advertising Hackney Carriage Prices. The two women are Barbara Duval …


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Black and white photograph of a white man with a beard and glasses. The man is sitting at a table drawing with sketches around him.

‘We all have a book in us’ as the saying goes. There are some long-forgotten manuscripts in our collections written by various individuals that unfortunately never had the glory of going to print. A red-ribboned bundle titled In the House …